Niranjan Nepal.

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Mr. Niranjan Nepal(Ramesh) is our Tour guide,he have  over 15 years professional experiences  in the Tourism Industry. He is from the hilly region near kathmandu valley and deserve the deepest knowledge of  people, customs , culture, religion  both Mountanious people and local Newar community of Kathmandu valley.

He is a government  certified  Tour guide licence  holder( 2987 ) and  got a Master Degree in Mangagement too. He had attained  several workshops, seminars and trainings  organized by various organizations
TAAN( Trekking Agents Association of Nepal) Eco-Trainning Workshop in 2005
NATTHM ( Special Tourist Guide Trainning )in 2013 ,  NTB(Nepal Tourism Board)  Personal Development Program in 2014 , , Refreshment Trainning from TURGAN ( Tourist Guide Association of Nepal) in 2019.
He is  English based guide and have the practical German language communication skills too.

His pleasant  and co-operative personality, decisiveness, keen interest on history, culture  religion of nepal and its people makes him the best one.  Hope, dearest clients, you all able to get much more from him  and  have lots of enjoyable time ahead..
Thank you !

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