International Air Ticketing in Nepal

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International Air Ticketing in Nepal








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Kathmandu is the hub for many international flights like in India, Tibet, Bhutan and other countries of South Asia and Europe too. There are many flights to and from Kathmandu. Many popular international airlines of the world operate international flights to and from Tribhuvan international airport of Kathmandu.

The international airlines that operate in Nepal are Thai Airways, Jet Airways, Indian Air, Nepal Airlines, Druk Air, Korean Air, Dragon Air, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, Biman Bangladesh, Air King Flisher, United Airways, etc. Blue Lake travels and tours is the sales agent of these international airlines. We provide you the opportunity to find the lowest prices in international airfares in major international flights.

Blue Lake Travels and tours arrange all the international flight tickets necessary for your travel at a reasonable price. You can buy tickets with us to different destinations like Kathmandu, Delhi, Kolkotta, Major cities of India, Tibet, Bhutan, Bangkok, Hongkong, Thailand, etc. If you are seeking for a cheap international air tickets deal, please contact us and make your air travel comfortable.

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January 7, 2023


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