Zip Flyer Nepal

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Zip Flyer Nepal






60.9 m


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All round the year

Zip Flyer is an adventure activity recently operated in Nepal. It gives the image of the cable cars but totally different in reality. Zip flying is a thrilling adventure because it is in descending incline at a rapid speed sitting in a trolley. Zipline in Nepal is near Pokhara city, from Sarangkot to Hemja VDC stretched 1.8km. and this can be covered in about 2 minutes. This Zipline is the world’s tallest, longest and fastest line to have heart-pounding experience. It is officially declared the world’s most adventurous activity in Nepal. The line is thrilling with 200 ft. vertical height inclined of 56 degrees which has a speed of 160 km/hr.

Zip Flying is a very exciting adventure that gives the experience of bird-like flying for very short moments. The ropes and trolleys are safe and secure. You have to fly over single in a trolley though there is another person in another rope flying parallel. The best seasons for Zip flying are March, April, and May. The adventure is available between the times of 8 AM to 2 PM. The Zipline from Sarangkot to Hemja is recently constructed and officially opened for the visitors therefore you can be the first Zip Flyer in Nepal. Visit this beautiful mountainous country and grab the wonderful adventure opportunities.

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tour review

Exhilarating but safe

Rated 5 out of 5
February 25, 2020

I expected to be terrified but it was just safe enough for me to thoroughly enjoy the exhilarating ride. It only lasts 90secs but feels longer. When they open the door, you don’t plunge downwards but smoothly gain speed. I braked okay at the end and stopped in time but also saw others forget to brake only to be saved by the safety over-ride, so don’t worry about that. Everyone seemed to enjoy the zip line but those who went on the bungee looked truly terrified afterward. I was glad I just did the zip. It was a new and thrilling experience to me.

Matt Pinkman
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