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Karnali River Rafting

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Karnali River is the longest river in Nepal which flows in the far-western part of Nepal. Rafting in this river is attractively designed to have adventures in white water rafting. Karnali River is full of challenging rapids, kayaking opportunities, fishing, and jungle safari and trekking to unpopulated area. Karnali River rafting passes through pristine jungle area and wilderness where rafters can see rare wildlife and forests. The river rafting provides the chances to experience Tharu culture and jungle activities too.

Karnali River Rafting is one of the finest rafting trips all over the world. The river is considered to be one of the best rafting rivers in Nepal. The river put in point is Sauli near Surkhet. Along the trail you can experience wonderfully shrine environment, Tharu culture and their dishes, jungle safari, Dolphin excursion, crocodiles watching, and exciting big rapids while rafting. The river emerges from Mt. Kailash therefore it has sacred importance for both Buddhist and Hindu followers. The scarcely populated far western region and its backwardness can be experienced throughout the river trail.

Rafting in Karnali River is also visiting Nepal’s remote area in Far-Western region. Trip can be managed with Bardiya National Park tour or Tharu Cultural tour in Karnali region. Jungle safari, fishing and other interesting exploring tours can be organized with this rafting tour. The rafting package can be packed up in 10 days or less too.


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