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Jungle Safari in Nepal

Jungle safari is the adventurous journey that gives chance to the adventure seekers to explore the unexplored trails and un-spoilt natural horizons of the forests. In the jungle safari you can explore the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries as well as protective reserves. Along with the walking or hiking, you also have the option to explore the forest via a jeep or on an elephant or even on a horse drive to view wild animals in their natural habitat. Jungle safari is the best option to experience the nature’s wilderness and beauty.

Nepal is a haven to more than 30 species of large animals, 180 species of mammals and more than 800 species of the birds. In Nepal you find the rare wild animals like rhinoceros, tiger, crocodile, snow leopard, red panda, Himalayan black bear, striped hyena, sambar, chital, sloth bear, langur etc and birds like Danfee, peafowl, red jungle fowl, kingfishers, flycatchers etc. Jungle safari in Nepal gives you the opportunity to explore the various types of rare wild animals and birds as well as the various types of the flora and fauna. Jungle safari in Nepal provides the excellent view of the rare wildlife. During the Jungle safari you also enjoy other activities like canoeing, nature walks, bird watching, excursions, and visit to an ethnic village etc. The best and famous places for the jungle safari in Nepal are Chitwan National park, Bardia national park, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve Sukla phanta wild life reserve etc.

6 Days

Chitwan National Park Tour

Chitwan National Park (932sq km.) is first national park of Nepal established in 1973 which is situated in the plain lowland of central southern part of Nepal. Chitwan National Park is the UNESCO enlisted natural world heritage site.

7 Days

Bardia National Park Tour

Bardia national park is located in the plain land of western Nepal and covers the 968sq km. it is one of the popular destination for jungle safari in Nepal. Bardia national park is a haven to several endangered species of animals including tiger,

Koshi Tappu Bird Waching Tour

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is located on the flood plain of the Santa Koshi River in the eastern Terai of Nepal. Koshi Tappu wild life reserve is established in 1976 and covers 175sq km area mainly established to protect the rare wild water buffaloes.

Shuklaphanta Jungle Safari Tour

Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve is perfect destination for the jungle safari. It is located in the southern plain of the far western Nepal and covers the 305 sq km area. This reserve is the haven to the many rare wild animals like royal Bengal tigers


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