1. How many days will we be trekking?

 We will be trekking 5 of 21 days, depends on you. We will have a guided tour in Kathmandu for 1 day visiting major Buddhist and Hindu sights and the rest of the time we will spend in transfer ( flights)

2. Is it going to be cold?

In the mountains, it is usually cold at night and early mornings. You will feel warm, once the sun is up and also from walking. At night you will not have any problems if you have a good sleeping bag and some warm clothes from the packing list.

3. Where will we be sleeping during the trek?

We will be sleeping indoors, in the tea houses. We will NOT be sleeping in tents.

4. Can I get a shower along the trek? 

Most of the lodges we use will have shower facilities for a small fee or free of cost.

5. Where will we eat?

We will eat in the tea- houses. No need to carry lots of snacks from your country. The meals in Nepal are quite big.

6. Which time Is a good time to go to Nepal?

September – December, and February last week- June second week is the best time to go to Nepal and the weather should be the best for trekking. Not too cold and not rainy, but of course we cannot predict the weather.

7. Is the trek going to be crowded?

It is THE MOST popular trek in Nepal, so we are not going to be alone on the road. There will be days when you will see lots of people and days when not so much. The higher we go – the fewer people we will see. It will be so beautiful around you – you will not care about other trekkers.

8. How many hours a day we will be walking?

5-6 hours a day on average. We will be walking more on lower altitudes, whereas on higher altitudes we will have short days (2-4 hours). We will provide an option for active acclimatization on short days. We will walk up and down to acclimatize better.

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