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Adventure Sports in Nepal

Nepal is the best destination for adventure sports. This beautiful mountainous country has variety of opportunities for adventure seekers. Adventure sports are packed up with some excitements, some amusement and some unique experience in its diverse landscape. Recently popular adventure sports in Nepal are bungee jumping, white water rafting, mountain biking, Zip flyer, canoeing, ultra light aircraft and so on.
Adventure sports in Nepal are world-top ranked. The landscape and its diverse form within a short distance, the natural vegetation and its magical beauty of garden like blossom and the wildlife you see during your adventure trip enrich the insights about this small but surprisingly beautiful country. Everyone feels inexpressible satisfaction after visiting this blessed country.

Adventures are varied according the interest of the visitors. We have some fantastic packages for providing thrilling and life memorable adventures. Among many adventure packages, we give best services to our customers in river rafting, bungee jumping, cannoning, Zip flyer, and Ultra light aircraft. To have real experience of adventure in life, Nepal is the best destination we suggest to visit.

4 Days

Bungy Jumping in Nepal

Bungee Jumping is thrilling extreme adventure sports designed for heart-quickening adventure from high above in the gorges by tightening a nylon rope. Bungee jumping in Nepal is in the gorge of Bhote Koshi River from the height of 160 meters in which

20 Days

Hunting in Nepal

Nepal is not only the trekking place which is place of hunting too. It has great opportunity to do hunting in Dhorpatan Hunting  reserve only area in Nepal where licensed hunting is allowed .In this ecological awakening age hunting seems quite

Zip Flyer Nepal

Zip Flyer is adventure activity recently operated in Nepal. It gives the image of cable car but totally different in reality. Zip flying is thrilling adventure because it is in descending incline in a rapid speed sitting in a trolley. Zip line in Nepal is near Pokhara city,

Canoeing in Nepal

Canoeing is extreme water adventure in Nepal. This thrilling adventure gives body and mind experience of adventure. Canoeing also includes hiking, wading, boulder hopping, rock climbing, sliding, jumping, swimming, abseiling and climbing

7 Days

Mountain Bike Adventure in Nepal

Mountain Bike is an adventure sport in Nepal. Mountain Biking in Nepal is wonderful activity which is performed with specially designed bicycles in an off road way. Biking in Nepal is regarded exciting and highly adventurous sport because it passes

Paragliding in Nepal

Paragliding is one of the most exciting adventures in air. Nepal is the second best destination after Switzerland for sky adventure. Sarangkot hill near Pokhara city is main station. The wonderfully diverse geographical structure, climate

Ultra Light Flight in Nepal

Ultra Light flight is adventure sports tour which gives wonderfully unique experience of flying like a bird in the sky. The adventure is available in Nepal in Pokhara city. The package of this adventure is categorized in different three options based on


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